Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17 and 2017/18

The role of the police in the scheme

In accordance with minimum standards now set by Devon and Cornwall Police, at a local level the police will: 

  • arrange quarterly meetings of their areas councillor advocates (to also include a representative from the local CSP);
  • provide up to date, accurate information about recorded crime, along with contextual information;
  • provide an update on what the police have been focusing their attention on during the last quarter;
  • highlight any opportunities where councillors and communities can support local policing activity;
  • outline what specific work the police have been focusing on in the last quarter;
  • inform councillors of relevant positive outcomes/news;
  • action any specific issues where possible (and if an issue cannot be resolved, to explain why);
  • ensure that councillor advocates are given prior notice to police arranged community events and engagement activities; and
  • briefly update the office of the police and crime commissioner about discussions